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    Creating Data-Driven Culture for the Jobs of Tomorrow

    Data-driven cultures cannot be adopted overnight. This requires strenuous effort, investment of time and money. Most business leaders are fighting to use data pervasively. While organizations are collecting huge amounts of data, these data often remain in periphery considering it an untapped potential.

    Tech-savvy companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have achieved becoming data-driven organizations. These big giants have been able to establish the ability to build data-driven cultures making them a success in the job markets today.

    From this infographic, we see that 87.8% of executives are in urgent need of investing in data-driven initiatives. Though companies are now making an effort in driving their organizations to become data-driven. Yet, 2019 Big Data and AI Executive Survey shows 72% of participants reported to not even started with forging data culture.

    80% of organizations will deliberately need to have competency development in the data literacy field by 2020 creating an urgency for data science professionals.

    Why do we need data-driven culture?

    Data scientists have been one of the top most paid profession along with job satisfaction this 2019, reports Glassdoor.

    Since data is becoming an integral part of businesses today, organizations are still finding ways to benefit from this collective intelligence of decision-making process. Information is highly valued in the decision-making; thus, companies are particular when it comes to data collection.
    Embracing data-driven culture allows you to launch newer products and services in the market. It also helps find the right kind of audience for your products. Data-driven culture helps companies in making informed decision-making. Companies that can easily adapt to changes are the ones that survive in the industry.

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    Structuring the right data science framework will help define the broader area where data science professionals need to focus upon. This infographic also explains the knowledge framework a professional need to follow today. The framework covers topics such as-
    ·       Big data value chain industry applications
    ·       Critical elements of big data strategy and management ecosystem
    ·       Data science programming engineering
    ·       Big data analytics visualization and reportage
    ·       Career environment

    Currently, data scientists are making a figure which is round about $108,000, followed by big data engineer with a package of $100,000, data analysts $60,000.
    With the right knowledge framework around data, organizations can now create a data-driven culture successfully.


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